Synthetic Tropical Fish Food

Lately, there has been much concern over use of color enhancers in tropical fish food. Mostly the issues related to this is whether the substances added to the food will affect the health of your pet in the long run. Certain manufacturers sometimes do not give much attention to the issue because their main objective is just towards sales and earning. Other than the color enhancers, another debate also stems from the use of growth enhancers which sometimes were added above the safe limit of consumption.

As a tropical pet fish owner, one would not like to see their pets getting poisoned by all these unwanted compounds. As much as we want our pets to grow healthy and big, we would also like to avoid seeing them suffer the later part. As such we need to equip ourselves with knowledge pertaining to food technology and understanding what we are giving to our tropical pet fish. When selecting your right food from pet stores, make sure you check every other information and if possible, talk to the salesperson who can assist you in your queries.

Astaxanthin has been identified to be one of those chemicals normally found in fish food. These days, the use of natural Astaxanthin has been rare and its use has since been replaced by synthetic Astaxanthin instead. While the chemical naturally helps to ensure healthy fish growth, the synthetic version does not offer anything near the natural compound. Synthetic Astaxanthin actually comes from non-natural sources like crude oils and thus, it lacks the benefit from what you would get from pure Astaxanthin harvested from algae. While there is no easy way to find out whether the chemical is natural or synthetic, it should be recommended to get your supply of fish foods only from established manufacturers.

Remember, the secret to having a healthy tropical fish, not only lies on doing your best to provide good water quality but also depends on whether they get nutritious fish foods. Hopefully, now that you know about Astaxanthin, you should now be more conscious on what you put into the fish tank. Other related details on how to take care of your tropical fish. Prevent New Tank Syndrome and learn about aquarium facts

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