Saltwater Marine Tropical Aquarium

Having a Saltwater Aquarium is more rewarding because unlike freshwater fish, which looks dull, tropical saltwater species look a lot more colorful and appealing. There are in fact many popular saltwater fish like the clownfish, angelfish and tang becoming favorites among marine enthusiast. There are also different varieties and strange-looking fish for example, the blennies, lionfish and eel and their presence are definitely bound to amaze everyone that has never seen the fish before up close in a confined tank. Nowadays, even all pet stores have been focused on selling saltwater kits as they know it is becoming a very popular hobby.

However, the reward comes with a challenge. First of all, you need marine salt and mixing the wrong concentration can be disastrous. More time and maintenance work is required and basically if the water dries up, that will mean a shift in specific gravity value and your water will become saltier. It is vital that every water parameter has to be monitored or else you will risk losing a fish, which can be costly to purchase. And yes, unlike freshwater species, certain rare tropical fish can cost few thousand dollars.

While freshwater tank has plants, so does saltwater setup with corals and live rock. The diversity of marine species is broader and that means you can see different kinds of living organisms hiding among the rocks. With that, you will require very large custom tank in order to have a proper saltwater system setup. If this requirement is not fulfilled it’s very hard to maintain an ideal environment suitable for your pets to live in.

Mastering the right way and approach is very important if you intend to properly maintain a working aquarium. Not only you can learn by experiences and through communication with other enthusiasts but also books plus aquarium magazines help a lot. Finally, one word of advice is that be prepared to spend more money when it comes to purchasing saltwater aquarium accessories including supplies and above all, never ever jump into this area without first taking the first step to learn about freshwater aquarium.

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