Marine Crypto Fish Disease

Marine fish can be infected with crypto, which is actually similar like freshwater ich that can cause the fish to scratch and flash on the tank surface. Usually the spread of the disease is brought about when hobbyist ignores the basic rule of properly quarantine the new fish. If the condition is left unattended, the suffered pet fish can die in a matter of weeks.

Marine fish diagnosed with crypto will often show loss of appetite and it will resurface to the tank top trying to breathe. If you look closely at the gill area, there will be signs of redness and in worse condition even the eyes will turn cloudy. The fins will also look frail and torn. Among the environmental condition that will lead to crypto disease becoming even more serious is when temperature drops too low or when dissolved oxygen content falls out of the ideal range and level. Other conditions that worsen things could also be due to excessive nitrite and nitrate buildup in the water.

Treating marine crypto is extremely difficult because recovered fish can redevelop the disease once again. Infected fish should be immediately isolated to a quarantine tank and medication can be bought at any aquarium store. Be careful to check with the store owner and find out about prescription before using. There are instances whereby copper and formalin is used to treat the infected marine fish but I wouldn’t suggest using it unless it is necessary. Follow manufactures’ indication properly or else crypto will be very hard to dealt with.

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