how to setup a tropical fish tank

STEP 1: Choose your aquarium size.
Different tropical fish has different large size. Some are very tiny like the neon fish while other fish like the cichlid are very big. You must find out the largest size it can grow and choose your aquarium size based on this factor.

STEP 2: Select aquarium location
Light and temperature is important for healthy fish tank. Avoid sun because it can promote algae growth. Therefore do not place near to windows. To control temperature, do not place near to fireplace or air conditioning system. Measure your location and check whether the aquarium size will fit in.

STEP 3: Buy your fish tank equipment.
Choose your best aquarium store which can give cheapest price but watch out for the equipment quality. You will need aquarium tank, hood, stand, lighting, gravel, aquarium filter and also fish food.

STEP 4: Placing your aquarium on the stand.
Getting ready your tank is important. Wash out the dirt and any other contaminant left on the surface. Do not use soap because if the residue is not properly cleaned, this can harm your tropical fish. Once finished, place your tank on the aquarium stand.

STEP 5: Wash gravel and other accessories
Make sure that whatever that you intend to put into the fish tank is properly washed. Gravel must be rinsed in water to remove chemicals that can be harmful. Test your aquarium filter to check whether it is running well.

STEP 6: Add water to the fish tank
Use clean tap water source from the pipe. After adding in, condition the water by adding antichlorine chemical. During this time, take the chance to check for any leak on your fish tank. If there is any crack, quickly change before it is void of warranty.

STEP 7: Use starter fish
Before you buy your favorite tropical fish, you can first put starter fish to cycle the aquarium. This process can take between 2 to 3 weeks, so be patient. Check your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate content. Constantly change new water if necessary. Learn to protect your starter fish as much as what you would care for your new pets. Starter fish like guppy, platy and swordtails are good choices.

STEP 8. Buying tropical fish.
When the tank is fully cycled, now is the best time to shop for your favorite tropical fish. Choose hardy variety like the angelfish but avoid sensitive fish like the discus.

STEP 9. Put effort for regular maintenance.
Make sure you spend enough time for maintenance. Feed your fish but do not overfeed. Give nutritious and varied food so that they have the best supplement. Test your water before you add in new water. Watch out as well for New Tank Syndrome and learn how to deal with it.

STEP 10. Identify sign of sick pet fish
A good aquarium fish practice is to look for signs of disease. Early treatment will ensure your fish survive and recover faster.

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