Ghost shrimp Care and Breeding
Ghost shrimp makes excellent freshwater pet companion for your tropical fish. Most people enjoy keeping them because they will help to keep the aquarium clean free of unwanted debris. One thing mysterious about the species is that food particles ingested and taken in by them can be seen through their transparent stomach.

Ghost shrimp can live with almost any tropical fish, which are non-aggressive that won’t attack them. Species like platy, guppy, neon tetra will get along well with them without any problem and a good aquarium setup should have plants for all your pets to hide from each other. Ghost shrimps generally only reach about 1.5 inches in length and they won’t take up much space. However, beware not to overcrowd the tank because with limited food and space they will turn hostile towards each other. The shrimps should not be mixed with larger sized tropical fish like oscars and arowana fish or else they will ended up getting eaten alive.

A pair of ghost shrimp also reproduce fairly quickly and once they reach maturity age, the female can be seen carrying pink color eggs seen through its transparent body. In order to ensure successful batch of newborn shrimps with low mortality rate, the female should be best transferred to a pond full of algae and mosquito larva so that when the babies are released, they will plenty of natural foods to go around. Ensure that temperature should stay between 70 to 80 Fahrenheit to have a good living condition.

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