Getting recycle aquarium

If you are on budget constraint, you can always get cheap recycle aquarium from garage sales. In fact, every buck you save can be used to purchase other aquarium accessories for your tropical fish. There are certain things you need to watch out for when purchasing your second hand fish tank because if you do not take precautions, you will end up losing your money.

First, Check carefully the silicone seals at all adjoining sides. Make sure the silicone is still intact without signs of chipping off. The silicone layer must be in good condition.

Look for scratch or crack marks on the glass surface. Don't be deceived by a minor slight crack. When the water starts to fill in, the pressure build up can even cause the whole aquarium to burst and you might be putting the risk of losing all your fish, not to mention the time needed for clean up.

Try to sniff and find out whether the aquarium has previously been used for other things. Certain pet hobbyist might even use it for tortoise, rodents or lizards and the leftover urine contamination can be hard to wash off. I would not recommend anyone using these types of aquarium.

Find out whether all the accompanying accessories (if any) are still working in good condition. It will be a good bargain if there is lighting and stand sold together with the aquarium.

Even after you have made your purchase, before you use it, ensure that you clean the aquarium first before transferring your pet fish into it. Avoid using cleaning agents like detergent, soap or thinner because the harmful residue after using if not properly washed can poison and even kill your fish. For more detailed information, you might be interested to read on how to setup your aquarium and buying first tropical fish

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