Endangered Tropical Arowana fish

The Arowana is a type of predatory tropical fish that comprises different varieties that live in the rivers close to swampy area scattered around Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar located in South East Asia and also the Amazon. The fish is sometimes call dragon fish and is popular among the Chinese. To get a healthy arowana in home aquarium, it will need daily change of freshwater with water temperature close to that of tropical region. It loves to eat mainly cricket, worms, frogs including small feeder fish.

Arowana can grow very fast and adult fish can reach 30 inches in length. They should be kept in large aquariums measuring at least 100 gallon and the bigger the size of swimming area, the better. Certain species of arowana has been classified as endangered especially the S. formosus. Today, the species is highly sought after in aquarium trade. Home bred arowana is usually a result of mixed breeding among different species to produce hybrids. However, doing this may produce fish that is susceptible to common fish disease and sickness.

These days, arowana sold in stores could be generation of selective breeding to produce fish with desired characteristics. With high demand, breeder are willing to do anything to produce the best fish to fulfill expectations. Although this does not help towards eliminating the endangered tropical species tag, this has in turn created another unwanted issue whereby genetic manipulation is even more harmful towards survival of the fish.

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