DIY Yeast CO2 System

DIY Yeast CO2 System is actually sufficient for small and mid size tank and it can be used to generate enough carbon dioxide for your plant growth. The whole system does not need a rocket scientist to understand and basically just about anybody can do it without problem. Let's look at the whole set up process.

Yeast is a type of fungi whereby if they are living in oxygen rich environment, they will perform aerobic respiration. However, in the absence of air they will use another metabolic pathway instead to convert carbohydrates to ethanol and CO2 in order to generate energy. The CO2 gas produced can be used for your tropical planted fish tank to grow healthy greenies. The whole reactor system can be repeated once the batch starts to foul up.

Some of the basic items that you will need to get started is a plastic bottle container which you will need to punch a hole on the cap, a long air tubing which you normally use for your aquarium air pump and a packet of yeast plus sugar. Once you managed to drill a hole on the cap of the bottle, attach the air tubing and then seal it using a silicone sealer to ensure that it is air tight seal and no CO2 can escape. Once you have done that, mix in two teaspoon of yeast plus sugar and distilled water in order to fill up only half of the level. Shake it well and then put the end of the air tubing into your fish tank. In about a day, you can start to see bubbles rapidly rising from the end of the tube meaning that CO2 is now being produced.

If you intend to have a well-planted tropical fish tank, then this system will definitely save a lot of money rather than buying a whole CO2 gas cylinder. Aquarium plants are good not only as an aquarium decoration but it can also improve the health of your tropical fish.

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