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The African Butterfly Fish (Scientific name: Pantodon buchholzi) is perhaps one of the most exciting and unique looking tropical fish which you can have in your home aquarium tank. The fish actually got its name because of the shape that resembles a butterfly when viewed from the tank surface. In fact, with it's pair of fins spreading out, it will look just like the wings of the butterfly. The species originally belongs from the rivers in Africa and ever since it was found, it has been captured and then bred in home aquariums around the world. African butterfly has a lifespan that stretches up to 4 years if well cared for with its size reaching a least 3 to 4 inches in length.

The freshwater tropical Butterfly Fish is suitable even for beginners as they are less sensitive to slight changes in water quality. This makes them a favorite among hobbyist who are looking for fish that are easy to keep and maintain. Preparing your tank and water to house your pet should be looked into seriously because this species is known to jump out from the water when startled. As such, you need to have a proper hood to cover up the surface and make sure there is no gaps or notch that will trap the fish in case it jumps out. When it comes to water temperature and pH, remember to keep the level between 76 to 80°F while the pH is best maintained close to neutral level.

One of the best setup for your pets should have a tank which is densely planted with live tropical plants. This helps to provide a natural hiding place so that it will adjust and acclimatize especially for new fish just bought from pet stores. African Butterfly Fish can also be territorial in nature so it's best that there should also be an artificial cave or driftwood for them to hide in. Other than what is mentioned here, the fish will naturally get along well with other fish species which are not aggressive in their behavior. This qualifies them as community fish. When it comes to diet, your pet will accept most of the commercially prepared fish flakes and pellets. Try to provide variety of live and processed food so that they get the best nutrition available. Once in a while, you can also supplement the diet with mosquito larva which they simply love to eat.

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