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Fish can sometimes have the tendency to jump out from the tank. No, it's not because it is a natural occurrence but most of the time, the main reason they jump out is because the tank has poor water quality. Fish, just like humans can be very sensitive to changes and they have certain tolerance or adaptability level. When ammonia or nitrate is too high, the fish will become startled easily when you approach them and with worsening condition, they will resort to jumping out to escape the unbearable condition.

Another situation whereby fish may jump out is when the pet has just been newly added to the tank. Because they will try to acclimatize to the new condition, water that is too cold compared to where you bought the fish from will only make things difficult for them. pH could also be another contributing factor and therefore, try to make the water condition to be as close as possible as it was previously. Use water heater to control the tank temperature or use an aquarium test kit bought from pet stores to adjust pH.

Fish also has tendency to jump out if you have a tank that is completely barren without any decoration or hiding place. Most of the time, the fish can be very shy and will need a place to rest and hide. If you have a tank without a proper cover or setup, they can get uncomfortable and a sudden flash of light can get them startled and lead to the fish jumping out from the aquarium.

For certain fish species like the hatchet fish, it is natural for them to leap out from the tank. The fish has a wing type of fins that can give enough push for the fish to escape. Losing fish is a costly affair and thus we need to take steps to prevent it. So how can we get about doing this? Below is the list that I have compiled.

  • As a precaution, of course the best method is to cover the tank with aquarium hood or lid.
  • Avoid placing your aquarium close to television or areas whereby there are constant flashes of light.
  • If possible decorate the tank using aquarium decor such as driftwood, artificial cave or flowerpot.
  • Ensure that your aquarium water is perfect. Check on temperature, pH, water hardness including ammonia, nitrite and nitrate level to confirm everything is fine.

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