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I have my own experience keeping neon tetra fish, which I think is one of the most gentle nice-looking fish you can find as a pet. What I like about them is that they are small and thus doesn't take up a lot of tank space. This means that I can even keep them in bowls but I would not recommend doing this unless the bowl is large enough. Other than that, the color that glows in the dark with the blue and red band stripes on their body is simply awesome.

Keeping neon tetra fish can pose a challenge because they are very sensitive to disease and once they fall sick, usually they will die in a matter of days. I have own experience with my neon fish when they will just stay motionless, lying idle on the tank bottom not swimming and the next day will die. Upon close examination, what I can see is that there seems to be white colored fuzzy material growing on their body and after much info searching, I found out that those are actually fungus.

Although I did my best to control water temperature and maintaining clean water quality, sometime fungus development can also be due to introduction of new fish to the tank. My advice is that if your neon tetra is not acting like its usual normal activity swimming around, I would suggest you act fast to save your pet. Addition of aquarium salt most of the time works as a tonic and also acting as prevention to the spread of disease. If fungus is your concern, methylene blue can also work wonders. In all, make sure you observe your fish everyday. Even if you don't have time, 10 minutes of watching them swim can tell you a lot of information. Act fast before it's too late.

PS: Above picture showing my stock of neon fish which I treasure so much :)

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