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These days keeping tropical fish does not only limit itself to just being a hobby, it can also become a small entrepreneur activity that could generate some income. For those who have years of experience breeding countless numbers and types of fish, this could prove to be an advantage. Remember how do we used to have all the excess fish, which we do not know what to do with them? Well I used to give it out to friends but lately I have been wondering if those excess fish that I have could actually be sold and then convert it into dollar and cents which I could invest and expand my fish keeping activity.

Whether it is possible to venture into this area and own a tropical fish business, all depends on your effort. There are actually two ways you can go about running your business. One is to prepare and breed your fish stock and then sell it or another way is to become a trader that supply to aquarium shops. The first choice might not be a good idea because you will have your hands full and unless you have a partner or family member who can support you on your endeavor, this might seem to be less viable. If your sole purpose is to cut down risk and at the same time enjoy what you like to do the most, which is fishkeeping, then becoming a supplier is a better option.

Running a home tropical aquarium fish business also has its trick. Just like any business, it might be a good idea and wise to sell something, which is in high demand, and have better profit margin. Two of the most popular tropical fish that falls into this group are discus and arowana. While both of them require high demand in terms of investment (more space to keep them, better food supply) and attention to care for them, in the long run, it might be more profitable than to breed a whole stock of guppies, which can be sold for pennies. However risk associated with choosing both the species is that any outbreak of disease can be disastrous and could end up ruining your business.

Finally, what you need to be successful falls back not only on making the right choice or having money for the initial startup but what is important is also the mentality to succeed. Always remember that there is never a dead end or dead route, it’s only a winding path, which depends on how you want to turn it around to your advantage.

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