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Corydoras catfish can be easy to breed if you know how. Experienced breeder often manipulates water temperature in order to stimulate breeding. Provided you have both male and female corydoras, you are bound to end up with small little fry. Matured female fish can be easy to tell from the male because they have huge abdomen area due to development of eggs. Before trying to induce mating process by lowering the temperature, make sure that your pets get stable supply of nutritious foods. You can use mix of live aquarium foods such as bloodworm and high quality pellets as their feed.

Due to heavy feeding, make sure that water is clean all the time. Ensure that you test the water periodically so that no fluctuation or undesirable condition occurs. During this period, make sure water temperature is steady between 70 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit suitable for tropical freshwater species. After about two weeks, they should be ready to mate. This will ensure that you get high quality fish fry that will have more chance to survive and last longer.

The breeding tank for your corydoras catfish should have barren bottom and recommended aquarium size should be nothing less than 30 gallon. The tank should be equipped with high power water filter and if possible get an aquarium chiller in order for you to control and lower the temperature. Don't worry if you can't afford a chiller because there is another tricks which is to use refrigerated water but that will be fine as well. Choose and select your finest corydoras catfish stock and put them together in the breeding tank. Let them acclimatize to the new environment and after 3 days, you should start playing around with the water temperature. Before that prepare few bottles of clean water and keep it in refrigerator.

Just before nighttime around 7pm, take out a bottle of refrigerated water and slowly add in to the tank. Watch and observe the water temperature changes closely, because you might want to ensure that it does not drop below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature drop will induce the fish to breed. If everything goes well, you should be able to see the eggs that will be scattered everywhere around the aquarium wall. Once the notice presence of eggs immediately removes the parents so that they don't ended up eating the eggs. In about 2 weeks depending on the water temperature, you should notice the fry started swimming around.

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