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I was considered one of the fortunate individuals who had the chance
to visit Aquaria KLCC in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Center in
Malaysia. Located right beneath the Convention building and Petronas
Twin Towers, it's hard to believe there's actually an amazing
underwater park that exists there which I believe will never fail to
thrill even the hard-to-pleased visitors.

The admission fees when I visited in January this year 2009 were
priced at RM38 for adults and RM26 for children. Considered not bad
since that only converts to about 10USD per person based on current
exchange rate. As soon as I stepped into the place, the view and
atmosphere that greeted me was indeed impressive. It's hard to find
the right words to describe my overall experience and I enjoyed every
minute of it.

The underwater tunnel is perhaps one of the main highlights. There's
even a slow moving walkway, which gives you an opportunity to view the
fish as it swims right past you. The sight of sharks and large rays
slowing moving around were simply stunning and you can actually feel
as if you were actually swimming amongst them. Feeding session is
perhaps the most interesting part because that is the time when divers
took up the courage to move close enough to feed the sharks. A
heart-pumping event but I'm sure these professionals know what they
are doing.

Moving further, there is even an Aquatheatre, which allows visitors to
view the feeding session just like watching a movie. It was simply
astonishing when we saw a giant ray that measures as big as the diver.
Another attraction, which caught my attention, was a 5.3 meter Forest
Tube Tank that actually houses a real life tree in it and the fish
swimming around it. The main purpose of creating the panoramic view is
to portray the journey of water from land to sea and that's why
there's even reptiles, invertebrates and turtles' exhibits as well.

If you get the chance to visit Malaysia, do stop by and pay a visit to
Aquaria KLCC. Believe me, it's worth spending every minute of your
time there.

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