Aquarium Pet Facts

Before you get your first aquarium to house your tropical fish. Let's learn about some true facts that will serve as a guide.

Fact One #1

The larger the aquarium the better. There is no such thing as buying a small aquarium to save money because your fish will grow big some day.
Having a Small aquarium is a nightmare to every fish owners.

Fact Two #2

Tropical fish has different characteristics. Some will not mix well with other fish. Some are carnivorous meaning that it will only accept live foods while certain tropical fish will accept anything. Not all fish species are the same. It is good to have community friendly fish.

Fact Three #3

Fish can be categorized by their hardiness. There are species of fish that will tolerate every worse condition well but certain delicate fish will not tolerate at all. It depends on your choice of fish, so be careful of what you buy. I would recommend getting starter fish to jumpstart an aquarium.

Fact Four #4

There is no such thing as cheap aquarium supplies. Those low priced items are probably off stock products without proven reliability. Check carefully with the sales person. Conduct online search to find out about the equipment manufacturer. Do not save if you intend to ensure that your pet tropical fish gets the best treatment.

With all that put in mind, please remember, tropical fish is always a rewarding hobby.

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