Angel Fish For Your Aquarium

Tropical angelfish is the most popular and beautiful fish which originate from South America. It is a member of the cichlids fish family and exist in black and silver color. Angelfish is easy to care and they will accept foods such as worms, pellets and shrimps. Sometimes, if you live in areas close to pond, you could even collect some daphnia and mosquito larva which your pet will also love to eat.

To successfully breed a healthy angelfish, you will need a sizable tank measuring more than 30 gallons. It is not a good practice to keep too many fish and the right number should be around about 3 in a 30 gallon tank. If you intend to have more than the number, then you should at least buy a 50 gallon tank so that there is more room to swim around. Less fish will mean water quality is easy to control and your angelfish can be sensitive to poor water quality.

Temperature of aquarium tank for your pet should be controlled at about 70 to 80 Fahrenheit. Try not to go out of this range and if it is too cold, make sure you have a heater to warm up the water and likewise, if your water is too hot, you will need an aquarium chiller instead. Angelfish can be housed together with other non-aggressive fish but avoid small tetra which will become a victim. In order to create a natural aquarium environment, presence of a lot of aquarium plants can help to filter and ensure the water is oxygen rich and clean.

Angelfish is definitely a nice addition to any tank. Not only one will be captivated by their beauty but it is also fun to watch the fish swim around with their delicate movement. Hopefully this article will help to arouse your interest towards this tropical fish species.

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